Are the products safe?
Yes. Products we use are very safe to humans and pets. The most commonly used products are Pyrethoids(extracted from certain flowers)we use the man made version of Pyrethoids. Highly effective against pests and very safe – non staining – no fumes. Products used are only available to licensed Pest Control Operators.

What can i expect?
We believe in friendly quality service. We take the time to thoroughly treat all areas of your home. No contractors rushing in and out of your home. We are always respectful of your home and property. Pest Control Spraying creates a barrier stopping pests from coming into your home. Most pests that come into contact with the spray treated areas will die.

Do i need to empty my Cupboards?
No we apply cockroach baits to cupboards and dust to cracks and crevices all very effective at eliminating cockroaches. Internal treatments we will spray treat all skirting boards and dust the roof void area where spiders roaches and other pests may gain entry to your home.

Midges Mosquitoes Tick Outdoor Control?
We will completely spray treat all outdoors areas – Gardens Lawns Trees Shrubs Garden Bedding. If you are being attacked by midges & mosquitoes in your garden chances are there could be thousands constantly living and breeding amongst your lawns, plants trees shrubs garden beds etc…

If left alone they will continue to breed increasing in numbers and the problem will only get worse.

We will throughly treat all outdoor areas killing all midges, mozzies, ticks, spiders and other pests and leave a residue surface spray which keeps on working killing pests that land on treated areas.

Whenever a pest lands on the treated areas they will die.

This helps break their breeding cycle. Protect your pets from deadly ticks that may live in your gardens.
Relief can be noticed immediately. This service will basically kill off many crawling pests from your gardens.

How do i prepare my house before Treatment?
Do not book in other Tradesmen or Services at time of Pest treatment.
Pick up toys, clothing from flooring so we can access skirting boards for spraying.
Remove washing from clothesline.
Remove cars from garage and driveway.
Cut lawns if you are having lawns treated. Remove toys from lawns.

Check the weather forecast plan and book in when there is no rain about.

If there is rain about on the day of your booking we will ring to reschedule. As long as surafces are dry before spraying they will not be affected after rains. The treatment is designed as sun and rain fast and will stick to surfaces and will not wash away.