Termite Management Gold Coast

At Easy Pest Control,we make it easy for you.
Easy Pest Control is your local and well trusted Termite Inspection Control management partner,we are fully licensed,insured and accredited for termite inspection,pre-purchase termite inspection,termite treatment,termite protection-including termite chemical barrier and termite bait station system,we cover all Gold Coast area,Northern NSW to Brisbane.

As you may know,one in three house has termite problem, and QLD is defined high risk area for termite infestation,termite damage is not covered by general insurance.You may find you can not afford the bill for fixing termite damage if termite problem not managed properly.They will easily cost you $10,000 to $20,000,even somebody has to pay $150,000 to fix the termite damage.So how to manage and stop termite attack is very important.

You will have confidence when choosing Easy Pest Control as we are licensed,accredited and insured pest control business with years of local work experience.We propose warranties on our services and guarantee our operation,while complying with all relevant Australian Standards.

What dose Termite looks like?

There are around 3000 kinds of termite in the world,and around 30 kinds termite that can cause building structure damage.

Termites are regularly mixed up for flying ants,however there are detectable contrasts:Both swarming termites and ants have two sets of wings.Termites front and hind wings are the same shape and size.Nonetheless,ant’s front wings are bigger than their hind wings.Ants’reception apparatuses are elbowed;Ants have a restricted,squeezed waist,while termites’waists are thicker and less characterized.